Most common questions


Where does mooipote courier to?

We courier all over South-africa, to your door, for only R85
Delivery takes between 2-5 business days. That gives us enough time to check your order, make sure everything is working and not damaged, pack it and deliver it to you.

How do I find the perfect size?

Struggling to find the perfect size? Every products size is in their image gallery. If you need more guidence you can head over to our size chart page and have a look how and where measure.


For further assistance you can contact us in any way and we will help you with your dog's size!

Can I change my order?

Yes, if we're able to catch it in time, we can update your order. As soon as possible, please reach out to us

How can I change my delivery address?

If you checkout and made a mistake on your address, please e-mail us as soon as possible with the correct address so that we don't send it to the wrong one / WhatsApp 0823880359
ALWAYS double check your order before checkout.

What makes mooipote products different from products I can buy at my local pet shop?

We create the best essential items - from waterproof and adjustable dog leashes, more durable for weather, dirt-resistant and easy to wash products. They are lighweight and very comforable. Which is very hard to find. We provide a pleasant, uncomplicated shopping experience.

What to do if I'm struggling with my checkout process?

Message us in any way you would like and tell us what went wrong/ what problem you are experiencing. We will then guide you through the process and sort out the problem.

How does it work when I want to return an item?

You can have a look at our 'return policy'.

Send us a message to and tell us why you would like to return the product/ products.


If you don't see something you like OR if we don't have stock, you are more than welcome to exchange it for a gift voucher.

How do I clean my PVC leash & collar?

Hand wash. ONLY wash with washpowder or normal soap. DO NOT BLEACH. Wet wipe should also work.

Can I machine wash the harness?

Yes you can. Hand wash or machine wash with low water. No bleach.

DO NOT apply any heat to mooipote products OR tumble dry. ONLY air dry clean.

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