About us

We are a small business in South-Africa that operates with equality, honesty and integrity at our core. We lead from our hearts, have compassion for our suppliers, employees and the earth and believe that quality products can only be produced in quality environments. We do things mindfully and with the best of intentions, approaching life with a “less is more” outlook and striving to constantly improve!

Thoughtful designs for modern pet. With a full set of pet essentials, we make morning walks, beach commutes, and park visits easier and more joyful, for both you and your dog.
Everything we make is developed with a function-first perspective because “looks nice” only matters next to “works well.” We create the best essential items - from waterproof and adjustable dog leashes, more durable for weather, dirt-resistant and easy to wash products. They are lighweight and very comfortable.

We are committed to the ongoing journey of being a force for change and hope that you will join us on our mission.
We provide a pleasant, uncomplicated shopping experience.

  • Hi, This is me!

    My name is Bu-anda and I'm the founder of Mooipote. One of my 'many' dreams was to give back to animals the way they give to us. I always wanted to do something great, but with that, also make an impact. I want to make my customers happy and satisfied, with a brighter future!

  • Meet my woofs!

    All 7 of them! My beloved doggies are like my children and I would give the world to them. They are my inspiration and help me to design dog equipment that works for different sizes and breeds!

  • Play dirty

    They love outdoor adventures! Struggeling to find affordable, durable and stylish pet accessories, it was my mission to fulfill this lack in South-Africa. Now I've launched a brand with waterproof products that makes outdoor adventures more convenient!

  • Quality first

    I designed this brand to make dog walks more fun and convenient and create every day fashion for dogs. Seeking something that looks nice & luxurios, yet functional. All products are high in quality and carefully designed to give you the best!

  • My mission

    I want to inspire you with my local premium pet lifestyle brand and improve constantly, thinking sustainably and involving the community of dog lovers for feedback, guidance and inspiration.

  • Give Back

    I want to bring awareness to animal rescue. That's why I partner up with animal rescue organizations. This allows me to aid their vital work through fundraisers and monetary donations, ongoing amplification of adoptable dogs, raising awareness for events and animals in need!

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