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Waterproof and adjustable dog accessories, more durable for weather, dirt-resistant and easy to wash products. They are lighweight and very comfortable with high-end materials!

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The Harness

The harness is the safest option for going on walks and engaging in outdoor activities. Soft, stretchy, and resilient. This cushioned, lightweight harness has four attachment points to suit different walk styles. Plus, adjustable straps at the neck, chest, and back accommodate different sizes, and make it a breeze for pet parents to slip it on and off.

The Leash

The flex-poly coated webbing makes this leash ultra-strong and durable. Perfect for everyday outings or out-of-town adventures! Made from super strong, smooth, all-weather materials.Multiple length adjustments and snap hooks at both ends allow for easy length changes, tandem walks, or quick tie-ups or walking two dogs.


The Collar

Stylish, durable, and simple to clean! Made from super strong, smooth, all-weather materials that are comfortable for dogs to wear and dirt- and odor-resistant. Designed exclusively for Target by dog parents, our durable, water-proof pet accessories solves the problem of smelly, frayed fabric items that need frequent replacement. 

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