Why is everyone fussing about our leash?

Why is everyone fussing about our leash?


Perfect for everyday outings or out-of-town adventures!

Made from super strong, smooth, all-weather materials that are comfortable to hold, easy to clean, and dirt- and odor-resistant. Multiple length adjustments and snap hooks at both ends allow for easy length changes, tandem walks, or quick tie-ups. The flex-poly coated webbing makes this leash ultra-strong and durable.  Designed exclusively for Target by dog parents, our durable, waterproof pet accessories solves the problem of smelly, frayed fabric items that need frequent replacement.

5 Ways you can use our leash:

Short-length leash, Medium-length leash, Long-length leash, Walk two dogs at once, Easily clip and un-clip around poles.


Strong rust-proof clip that firmly twist 360 degrees that allows the leash not to tangle & another clip at the end to walk two dogs

Leash has 2 coated steel D-rings that allows you to adjust the leash in different lengths and has a  high pull-tolerance.

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